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History of the Band

"The SANDA" was founded on February 6, 1993 in Tbilisi, Georgia.


This idea belonged to Irakli Lomsadze (keyboard player and composer) as he already had some other bands before and wanted to play something new. Influence of such great bands as Pink Floyd, U2, Led Zeppelin, Yes, A-ha stimulated him to create new band. Irakli met Soso Sakvarelidze (Josef Loveson) and liked his strong, deep, sweet baritone for blues and rock compositions and good performance on the bass guitar. First songs were in Blues, Soft rock, Folk rock genre. They also met some other members, such as Dima Asaturoff (drummer) and others, but after some years they left the band. Should be mentioned, that Dima played in the band since 1993 until 2012. After a few months, Irakli , Josef and Dima decided to record very specific song and needed female vocal , so after long searches, they found Natia Namgaluri (Natasha Mckay) whose voice was very interesting, strong,  with good timbre and very unordinary  for them as she could sing classical vocal,  pop,  soft rock ,Celtic folk-rock. This was a beginning of composing and performing Celtic folk songs, which made the band different from other bands.


In 1996-97 the band was an organizer and participants of such grand musical festivals as “The Hands" and "Margarita" which took a place in Tbilisi. The Band’s tour area included the West and East sides of Georgia as well as seaside regions of Adjara, where they were headliners of the rock festival in support of the action called “Protect the Black Sea". "The SANDA" had a lot of gigs, performances, lives in the theatres, clubs, also open gigs, jams; it counts almost 1000 and over performances in Tbilisi, Batumi, Telavi, Kutaisi, Gori, Kobuleti and so on.


After long break, in 2006 "The SANDA" made their own studio/rehearsal area “SANDA Records" and released their first album "Return" with 10 tracks, all in folk-rock genre. In 2007 new members were added to the band: Vano (Iva) Khimshiashvili very good bass player and Zura Lanchava very talanted and smart lead guitar player. They played in the band until 2014. In the same year the band had 4 serious gigs: round the festival of "OZONI Gigs" solo concert, took part in tribute concert dedicated to famous Georgian alternative musician Irakli Charkviani, had a “Live" in sound recording studio of the Radio Ucnobi and took a part in open gig like New Year's rock concert. In 2008, they presented mixed evening of Celtic folk-rock and Contemporary rock and after that, TV Company "Mze" shot 3 musical video on their songs: "Play the game", "Two Virgins" and "The Bluebell". At the same year, they became participants of "Art Gene" festival.  Since that, "The SANDA" has never stopped and worked hard to play gigs, compose new songs, record them and make their fans happy.


On 23 October 2009, the band passed the announced casting and became a participant of "Tbilisi Open Air/Alter Vision". In addition, they were promoted by "Promo Industries" and performed at some gigs. In June of 2011, "SANDA Records" organized the festival of modern music “MUSIC for MUSIC" - "M4M".  It lasted for 9 days at “The Theatre on Atoneli” in Tbilisi.  There were 26 live bands of different styles from jazz to metal.  In 2011 summer, new member joined the band, Nika Margvelashvili - drum player with good technique, he played in the band until 2014. At this time, he was the youngest member, very talented and smart boy. After that, "The SANDA" had more gigs repeatedly, also in "SUBLIMECULB" and more work and new songs. During the last years, the style was changed and became more contemporary with art rock, post rock, electro rock elements which clearly appeared in their new album.


On April 29, 2012, “The SANDA" had a presentation of new album "The Smell of the Rays" at "SENATE CLUB". That performance was open by famous Georgian novelist, poet and performer David Dephy. The gig was shot by TV"PIK". On May 12, 2012, the band was invited to open 4 days’ rock festival and on May 26, they had a live at "SUBLIMECLUB" in Batumi, Georgia.


In Autumn of this year "The SANDA" and David Dephy were co-workers and released new audio tracks, music/songs with performed poems: "The Manifest Alpha & Omega”, “21 Ritual Kisses", " 12 Colored Angels” and many others. The poems are bilingual, Georgian-English. On December 7, 2012, The SANDA” had a gig and performed many famous covers. In 2013, the band had a big performance at the Tbilisi City Celebration Gig, then next big gig in other Georgian town Gori. Also, the band was finalist of GDSTV project “Georgian Dreamers” with the song “Angel”. From 2009-2014 the band had many gigs in Magti Club, Divan, Rock Club. In 2013, The SANDA celebrated their 20th anniversary, and invited a lot of friends. Among them were: King Lado Burduli, David (Zhora) Zhorzholadze, David Dephy, Robi Kukhianidze, bands: Lazy, Kanudos, El Sinor, The Pulse, Madam George, Ani Pavliashvili.


The band is often being invited to play in clubs, parties.  I should mention, that from the beginning of its activity, “The SANDA" is also highly demanded at corporative or private parties and other events, so all the members of this band have got an experience to entertain the public. The band had released a lot of singles, had video and audio albums. "The SANDA" performs own songs in English. Covers are in English, Spain, Italian, Russian, German, Portuguese and their playlist includes rock, pop, jazz, old hits, contemporaries. The SANDA has been working as cover band in 5* Hotels of Turkey every summer season for last 4 years.


In 2014, The SANDA had changes and decided to renew the members, after three old members left the band. In 2015, new members came: Giorgi (Gigi) Koberidze (drum player), Giorgi Mkhatvari (bass player), Giorgi Gogolashvili (Lead guitar player). Just in a month, On March 9, 2015, they played band’s five songs at Georgian Public Broadcast TV’s project “Kommunikatori”. This live was shot and the band got new videos.


On February 24, 2015, The SANDA was a winner of Caucasian Music Awards “Phoenix”, as the best video on a song “Angel”, and the award ceremony was held on April 15, 2015, in Tbilisi Event Hall. At this time, the band is working on new album and preparing for a few planned gigs.